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We provide divorce education and divorce mediation services in North Atlanta, Peachtree City and McDonough, Georgia.


Divorce education reduces stress by providing information about costs, common mistakes, good resources, and options through separation and divorce.  Just like you wouldn't buy a car without a little research, you shouldn't go blindly into the divorce process either.  We provide free videos on common legal topics (including how to hire and use lawyers), booklets, online webinars and the in-class course "Crash Course Divorce."  Anyone in marital counseling, those contemplating separation or divorce, and those in the midst of divorce should take Crash Course Divorce - it will make a huge difference and reduce the stress that "the unknown" brings.


What is mediation?  It's a bit like going to the dentist in that you schedule a private appointment to address ongoing issues.  With or without attorneys, you and your spouse will be focusing energy on setting out how you will separate, divide assets and debts, co-parent your children, and more.  Your mediator will help you come up with options that are customized to your and your families' needs.  Where consensus is reached, the mediator at 2 Step Divorces will draft up those items for you to review "at home" and with time to consult any needed professionals - attorneys, child psychologists, CPA's, CDFA's, etc.  - before you "sign anything."  Once signed, the documents (which can range from 10-40 pages) can be filed with the court to file an "uncontested divorce" or to settle a pending case.   


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Mediation is a process that is confidential and keeps the parties in control of the outcome, timing, pace and more. 

Registration fees for the Crash Course Divorce Webinar - registration button above - will be credited against any mediation services used with a divorce mediation appointment at any of the 2 Step Divorces locations!   To register for an in-class or private session of Crash Course Divorce, use the button below.  In-class or private sessions are not eligible for mediation services offsets. 

2 Step Divorces also provides divorce mediation services.  With locations in North Atlanta,  Downtown Atlanta and in Peachtree City, our professional and experienced mediators help Georgia families navigate the common pitfalls of separation and co-parenting. This often includes facilitated discussions and resolution on common topics, such as:

  • Division of Assets & Debts
  • Modifications
  • Custody and Decisionmaking
  • Visitation and Parenting Plans
  • Child Support and College Tuition
  • Alimony
  • Retirement/Pension Issues
  • Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Insurance (Health, Life, Auto)
  • Joint Bank Accounts
  • Action Plans Outlining How/When Events Will Occur

Where agreements are reached at a mediation appointment, the mediator will draft a written document for the parties (who may or may not have legal counsel present) to review and revise before signing.  Common Questions about divorce mediation are answered here. For individuals who don't have legal counsel at a mediation appointment, we always invite them to have the draft reviewed by a legal and/or financial professional.  

With divorce mediations, the decision to divorce has been made.  And, the paperwork for the legal process of divorce must be done.  Mediators, unlike attorneys, can work seamlessly with both sides to work on how the marriage will be unwound and draft the paperwork of a settlement, a parenting plan, and/or a child-support worksheet.  Indeed, mediation is so effective, Georgia courts order most divorce cases to attend mediation! Even where parties may mediate without legal counsel present, they still are able to consult an attorney to review the drafted paperwork to answer their questions - namely, do you think a court will approve this agreement?
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Mediation, unlike court, allows the parties to control how fast or slow the process goes.  Customizing the time-line, for example, can be important when large assets are sold, valued, and interests "bought out."  The mediation process allows parties to work on solutions at a pace that makes sense - allowing for taking breaks to gather more information and more. Convenience, control and confidence are some common reasons that people like and choose divorce mediation.

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Not every family can take advantage of divorce mediation, but where the goal is to divorce as amicably as possible, it gives families the option to work out a customized solution, remain in control, avoid unnecessary expenses, and minimize harms to ongoing relationships (particularly where there are children involved). 


Our 2 Step Divorce Process is family-centric and designed to foster greater control, reduce uncertainty, and address more than just the legal issues of parting ways.  Hard-earned assets and the well-being of children should not be compromised.  Planning for how you detangle your lives is also important and helps reduce uncertainty and stress.  Is divorce mediation right for you?

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Whether we are a match for your needs or not, please take time to review our short, informational videos and attend an upcoming Crash Course Divorce.  Information is critical when you are contemplating or facing divorce, so start now and start here.


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