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Crash Course Divorce Registration


2 Step Divorces is a divorce mediation firm that serves the interests of families by providing information and mediation services in a simple way. Families are faced with hard choices and transitions in divorce - by making mediation easier to use, many families may be able to skip huge legal expenses and avoid "more harm."  Meet our people and mediators, below.


Emily Yu

Emily Yu is a Georgia attorney who mediates divorce and modification matters for Metro-Atlanta families.  She is a registered domestic relations (Divorce) mediator with the State of Georgia. She leans into high conflict and helps parties keep on track, identify what information they need to make decisions, and provides them with drafted agreements that they can review on their own and/or between mediation appointments.


Emily understands that each family is unique
and works with the parties to assist them in planning a future that works best
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Emily understands that every family is different and unique - and against that philosophy, she helps families create customized plans that will work for them, acknowledge their traditions and values, and address the legal and non-legal issues of their needs and the nuances of their transition.


Emily's courthouse experience serves mediation clients well.  She asks parties the pointed questions to help learn what is important to them to determine where opportunities may exist that have not year been considered by he parties.  Proficient with the State's child support worksheets (calculator) and information demands of DRFA's, she keeps mediation parties focused on getting the court's documents completed, while also asking questions about the logistics of transition.  A holistic approach to families in transition, her mediation style is to give parties the space to discuss timelines, post-divorce issues, and more.  


Emily is an instructor for "Crash Course Divorce" and mediates at the North Atlanta office.  


Emily is respected by her peers, serving as an officer in the Atlanta Bar Association's Family Law Section, teaching seminars at local law schools, and mentoring newer lawyers.  Her law firm is also active in community service initiatives for underprivileged youth and other underserved communities.  


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Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia.  She is an attorney and mediator who takes a straight-forward approach to helping families navigate the legal process and the predictable "non-legal" issues of separation, divorce, and post-divorce modification issues.  


Before entering the legal field, Laura worked in the financial industry.  This background has served families well as sorting through the finances and budgets that are so critical in the divorce context. Post-divorce, Laura helps families mediate modifications of child support and visitation schedules in mediation so that "uncontested" modification cases can be achieved and the parents' concerns addressed quickly.  


Laura teaches "Crash Course Divorce" and mediates at the North Atlanta office.  


Laura is a community-oriented professional who has been associated with many Legal Bar outreach events and charitable pursuits with Rotary International.  When she is not helping individuals and families, she is enjoying time with her own family and young son.


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Cynthia LeMay

Cynthia LeMay has been a registered mediator with the State of Georgia since 1993.  She regularly mediates at the Cobb County Superior Court's ADR Office, also holding the Domestic Violence registration.  


Cynthia's financial background has always proven to be helpful in divorce mediation sessions.  Her ability to help parties analyze the numbers accurately, despite the emotional tumult, is incredibly helpful.  Her years of experience working with benefits plans and financial statements allow her to be a quick-study in complex financial divorces and those cases involving businesses.  This background also assists families in that she understands the nuances of QDRO's and finer points of retirement assets, budgeting and tax-implications.  Working through alimony and child suport matters requires attention to detail is where Cynthia sets herself apart.  


Outside of her mediation work, Cynthia promotes the Battle Saint project, a not-for-profit that partners with the Intrepid Fallen Heres Fun to build treatment clinicks for service men and women with Post-Traumatic Stress and traumatic brain injuries.  Her husband, Jim, is a Capitain in the Georgia State Defense Force and an internationally known media consultant.  She also has three adult children and a lab rescue.


Cynthia earned her B.A. in Economics from Union College (Magna Cum Laude) and her M.B.A. from Syracuse University (First in Class).  She is currently taking post-graduate courses at Kennesaw State University that relate to conflict resolution.  


Cynthia mediates at the North Atlanta location (Cobb Co.).  To schedule an appointment with Cynthia, please click here.

Jennifer Keaton

Jennifer Keaton is a Georgia attorney who also is a registered domestic relations (Divorce) mediator with the State of Georgia.  She has been mediating since 2002, including hundreds of divorces and modification cases. Her skills have been recognized by her peers in the Bar as a Super Lawyer since 2008 and in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (see 2015-17 honor).  


Jennifer is an instructor for "Crash Course Divorce" at the Atlanta office and is the "voice" on the online version of the class.  As a former school teacher and mother of three, Jennifer values what the mediation process can offer parents who want to customize how they will part ways and also want to help their children grieve and heal, but are struggling themselves, to navigate the transition.  


Meet Jennifer in this Divorce 911 Interview below:


Lorene Schaefer

Lorene Schaefer co-founded 2 Step Divorces in 2014. She is remarried with two step-children and has three adult-aged children by her first marriage. She now resides in Northern Georgia with her second husband.   




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