Crash Course Divorce Registration
Crash Course Divorce Registration

Commitment to Divorce Education

Good information is a critical key for individuals to avoid making mistakes and to make smarter decisions for their future, their family, and their finances as they navigate the transition of divorce.


Our informational videos are always available to you. Our private session of "Crash Course Divorce" requires pre-payment and scheduling the appointment through the link below:  

Parties may schedule separate appointments.  However, parties that seek to mediate their divorce or modification amicably typically schedule their appointment for Crash Course Divorce together.  Joint appointments often sets the mediation on course for success. 


Crash Course Divorce Topics

Crash Course Divorce covers the common issues for all divorces:

  • Equitable Division of Marital Assets & Debts
  • Alimony
  • Effective Use of Legal Counsel (& How to Save)
  • The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  • Options Through the Legal Process, Including Mediation
  • What about dealing with "the house"?
  • Common Health Insurance issues
  • Forms, Resources, Options, Common Pitfalls


For parents in the transition of divorce, topics covered include:

  • The Georgia Child Support Worksheet
  • The Georgia Parenting Plan Form
  • Custody vs. Time
  • Children's Expenses "Not" Covered by Child Support
  • Morality Clauses and Concepts
  • Information on how to Register for the State Mandated Co-Parenting Course


It is a great place to get informed or to help you "speak" the same language as your attorney.  


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