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We believe that information is integral to making the important and often permanent decisions that will affect you and your family's life for years after a separation or divorce occurs.  To help get you started, we provide free and short informational videos that are linked below.  Also, visit our Blog for additional information and resources on divorce in Georgia or to register for Crash Course Divorce.

4 Ways to Use a Divorce Attorney

Many people who are contemplating or facing divorce believe that they must "get an attorney to get a divorce."  This typically describes hiring the attorney to litigate the case, one of the most expensive ways to buy legal services.  There are other ways to hire and use attorneys in the divorce context that may be more appropriate for your situation at various points in time.  Watch this short video to find out the other ways to use attorneys (effectively and efficiently).  

4 Ways to Divorce in Georgia

In Georgia, only a judge's decree can dissolve a marriage.  However, how much time you spend at the courthouse may be an entirely different matter. This short video highlights four common ways that couples address the terms of their divorce, and many divorces utilize two or more of these methods.  What might work for you?  Take a look here!

CPA's for Taxes; CDFA's for Divorces

The financial work to be done in a divorce is intense. Like using a CPA for your tax return, using a CDFA for your divorce can be a critical step to keeping a divorce as amicable as possible and to gaining confidence about settlement offers and counter-offers...just to share a few benefits of these professionals. 

Explained: Equitable Division in Georgia

Every state's laws on how the marital estate is divided in divorce is a little different.  In Georgia, the marital estate is divided under the legal concept of "Equitable Division." This short video give a practical primer on the topic. 

Explained: Child Support in Georgia

Every state's laws on child support is a little different.  In Georgia, there are State created calculators and worksheets.  This short video give you a big-picture overview of how child support is calculated by those worksheets

Explained:  Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit

In Georgia, a key court document is the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit ("DRFA").  This short video gives an overview of how the DRFA is completed and used by a judge.  Getting started NOW on your DRFA may be a good use of your time and energy to get organized in an anticipated period of change.

Explained:  401(k)'s and QDRO's

Often, a big asset that has to be addressed in the divorce process is a  401(k) retirement account.  401(k) accounts and some other retirement accounts have a special process that goes along with them.  You will want to plan for or plan around this "special process." Details here in this short video.

More Questions?

Getting information should help your questions become more focused, but not necessarily fewer in number.  Certainly there are questions in the divorce process that simply cannot be answered with 100% certainty, but with information you may gain a better sense of the likelihood that certain things will happen, the costs associated with certain questions, and whether you are going to have to "get used to" something that you don't want or like. 


Georgia judges are given great discretion in making decisions in divorce cases, which can be good for the variety of people and circumstances that come before them. However, that discretion also makes it difficult to predict what a judge might do in your case. This uncertainty is another reason why so many couples work on a settlement agreement, with our without the help of a mediator, in the divorce process: they had rather have a say in the outcome than gamble on the judge.


Got more questions? We encourage you to register for Crash Course Divorce or another seminar from Divorce 911 in Atlanta. 


Our Blog is also filled with great information and resources. There also are a lot of other resources available in books and online - be sure that they are specific to the State in which you are divorcing since every state's family laws are different.  Or give us a call for a referral.


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